Me, Myself and I

Photo shot in 2011

Me, often be seen deep inside or at a “footless place”, and ocasionally seen outside by only some people I am comfortable with.

Audrey Hepburn(Source:online)

The first impression…oh, the eyes and the bold look…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Once upon a time, Juses rejected my friend request.   Because he thought I am one of those people  who use fake pics as their profile pictures.

There was a long story. He “bombed” me and called me “The Worst Blogger Ever”. However, I was too bored to ignore such a “fight”. Basically, a blog that I wrote in 2012 can explain something.

To Remember Juses Wept

It began with my “worst blogs” and ended up with his “nice shoes”.

There were some scary imaginings from his aggressive responses to those “worst blogs”.

Just could see his killing eyes from his every single sharp word in the very beginning.

Not easy to find something exciting like that in real life before SZS.

No Chinese man would do it to a girl with a rare pic on site.

It’s like the best music composed of heavy tones only.

Hard beat!

Beat up !

Damned f*ckin beat!

Then never expected to meet him up by chance with a friendly handshake , two nice smiles and a joking “Nice shoes!”

After that , crazy silence and disappearance….

Jesus Wept gone…for ever?

And another “mysterious ” guy PM about my related “nice shoes and nice face” from a common comment.

By chance,when we met again and sat beside each other, I hardly recognized his face.

God Damn it! It’s him with the strongest perfume I ever smelled.

PM to confirm he is the one with mystery but not the same style as before.

Asked what made him so “different ”and why no longer that “aggressive ”.

No answers. –Fine.

True Grrit(Great)!

No more letters to “Juses”.

No longer dumped shit to fill up the site.

More peaceful feelings for eyes.

Some even can heal a black heart.

Please don’t guess it’s “yellow ” or “wet”.

Just try to remember to remember…

PS: Why “Juses”? There is another story too. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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