My First UK Customer

Photo taken in Yunnan.

When the heaven’s cock got a real hard erection, the world is simply black and white.


After I decided to write my dream, I quit this full-time job in 2013. Honestly I’m not any material to make any money. The more I work on money, the more I despise it. It’s a stroke of luck that I finally left a shitty place for this job as a sales girl. Surely this job made me know more people like our Portuguese Manager and some Chinese hard-working  girls. Yet it saddened me in many ways, like I trusted the company and believed what I was told in the interview. One day the accountant made a big mistake on my monthly salary, and I found that the company had paid my basic salary as rmb2800, which was supposed to be rmb3000, for half a year. I studied and started everything from ZERO, alone. Through the whole time I had to search in despair and make cold phone calls worldwide with hope for a customer without having any account of my own in Alibaba or Globalsource. So on that day in March 2013, one of the old sales girls, Lisa, let me use her account on Alibaba and this fun dark humor happened, purely and shockingly.

Heather Cai (17:01:30):
hello Do you have any inquiry of USB & Memory cards? power banks?
Marilou Baylis (17:02:11):
Heather Cai (17:03:17):
Sorry to disturb such impolite WHATEVER
Marilou Baylis (17:03:33):
piss off
Heather Cai (17:03:45):
FUCK OFF –back to you
Marilou Baylis (17:04:10):
Heather Cai (17:04:49):
I can suck WHATEVER kinda cock, not your type.
BTW: What’s the color of your mysterious COCK ?
Marilou Baylis (17:05:44):
Heather Cai (17:06:44):
Marilou Baylis (17:07:46):
can i meet you ?
Heather Cai (17:09:33):
fuck off white cock I am YELLOW as you already FUCKED OFF
Marilou Baylis (17:09:59):
have you picture ?
can i cum in your pussy ?
Heather Cai (17:11:13):
Go fuck off yourself
Marilou Baylis (17:11:35):
i would like to fuck you ?
Heather Cai (17:11:59):
If so, i prefer to fuck myself with my middle finger
Marilou Baylis (17:12:27):
you make me hot hot hot
Heather Cai (17:13:11):
Then F*CK yourself in front of a mirror on ur face
Marilou Baylis (17:13:45):
send me a picture please of you ?
i would like you to be my girl friend ?
Heather Cai (17:14:19):
Marilou Baylis (17:15:03):
you make me very sad 😦
Heather Cai (17:15:41):
Make yourself YELLOW, Then i will fuck u badly
my bfs are queueing in The Great Wall
Marilou Baylis (17:16:56):
you must be good in bed ?
Heather Cai (17:17:12):
Marilou Baylis (17:17:36):
ok that fine with me baby
send me picture of you ? i think you very pretty and sexy 🙂
Heather Cai (17:18:44):
Marilou Baylis (17:19:56):
how old are you ?
Heather Cai (17:20:09):
Marilou Baylis (17:21:39):
are you getting hot ?
Heather Cai (17:22:08):
Marilou Baylis (17:24:46):
miss you
Marilou Baylis (17:26:17):
bye lisa
Heather Cai (17:26:52):
I am not Lisa
Marilou Baylis (17:27:22):
whats your real name ?
Heather Cai (17:27:34):
Can u make ur eyes wide open on HEATHER CAI
Marilou Baylis (17:28:01):
dont no
Marilou Baylis (17:29:41):
is that your name heather cai ?
Heather Cai (17:29:50):
Marilou Baylis (17:30:31):
thats good
my name is shane
Heather Cai (17:30:58):
Shane or shame shame?
Marilou Baylis (17:31:12):
Heather Cai (17:31:39):
Oh, yeah. I just forgot a movie also SHANE not Shame
while i liked it to be Shame
Marilou Baylis (17:32:05):
thats the one the cowboy film
Heather Cai (17:32:14):
Marilou Baylis (17:33:13):
have you picture of you ? could you send me ?
Heather Cai (17:34:00):
Come to meet me in Futian district, Shenzhen city, China
I will give u a real pic of ME-Heather Cai
Marilou Baylis (17:34:32):
its a long way
Heather Cai (17:34:51):
and a long way to NOWHERE
So forget it
Marilou Baylis (17:35:22):
please send pic ?
Heather Cai (17:35:59):
Paint your BIG COCK in YELLOW, i may think about it
Marilou Baylis (17:36:45):
Marilou Baylis (17:38:26):
bye heather cai
Heather Cai (17:41:48):
bye white cock
Marilou Baylis (17:42:47):
To me, sadly this is more cultural than sexual. A German friend who brought me a really nice bottle of German Icy wine and different boxes of chocolates from Germany and with whom I had “luxury” food and drinks and talked a big deal in real and online. Yet, during our last dinner in March 2013, first his face turned purple and his eyes deadly white, then after dinner he at once deleted me from his Wechat, a while later he deleted me from his Skype, after I showed him that, which I thought he would understand me better.

8 thoughts on “My First UK Customer

  1. wjacobr says:

    I hope the “quotes” around deep weren’t ironic. Just expressing how I felt. Some of your stuff IS disturbing… that racist, sexually exploitive phone caller. but it all seems to be of a piece, as you report it. Be careful–there are really disturbed and dangerous people out there. .

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