Burn The Road

Before Spring Festival, there was a fear that I used to feeling for these years. Every time I see my family, my father would repeat the same thing over and over that I should not write. Because in his world, writing never suits me and never will. He only supports me to be either a doctor or teacher. I thought 2015 he would change his mind, but he didn’t. Yet this time, I calmed down and kept silence. Then the next early morning, I took most of my family members to visit downtown in Shenzhen, except my little sis and my father who works 365 days a year…

Family in Parks 2015-02-24 11_06_25

No matter how much I have worried, the end of happiness is strange and naked. Maybe I have a magic family or maybe the happiness is magic itself. No doubt I have learned this year after year. Each and every year has more contents and memories than the last…

Hiking 2015-02-23 23_33_43

I am going to travel abroad from Feb 25th to April 1st. I take it as the “honeymoon” of my first “lesbian” marriage. Surely, the lesbian marriage is fake. Hence, I want to burn, burn, burn…

Kiss my ring, babe? :P

Kiss my ring, babe? 😛

2 thoughts on “Burn The Road

  1. bohemianbones says:

    Just found your blog via Instagram (I love your pictures there).

    Just came here to say:

    Never be sorry for living your own life. Do whatever makes you feel the happiest and don’t worry about other people’s opinions.

    Aaaand congrats on getting married!! 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy your honeymoon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heather Cai says:

      Hello! I am really touched! Thank you for loving my pictures and dropping such a comment ! I shall check out your blog after sometime when I finish the trip next month. You made me a greater day today in Sri Lanka ! 🙂


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