Butterflies#31 -40

  AnimalsIMG_20150525_104246 AnimalsIMG_20150602_122440 AnimalsIMG_20150602_123200 AnimalsIMG_20150603_114138 AnimalsIMG_20150612_091916 AnimalsIMG_20150612_092917 AnimalsIMG_20150612_230326 AnimalsIMG_20150619_094353 AnimalsIMG_20150619_095316 AnimalsIMG_20150619_100616

Life is good, beautiful and short, especially for butterflies. – even luxury.

Theme 1: Beautiful Creatures.

For this theme, the 1st project is to share about 50 butterflies.

Why butterfly? Because when I was young, I have had supernatural experience with a super big butterfly, which has become a part of my first Chinglish novel . Since then, I have been into the mystery of all different butterflies and their short lives. 

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