A Brief Exhibition Review: Frames of Mind

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(Exhibition Poster. Courtesy of Elevate)


This modestly curated exhibition showcased some innovative artworks of five international emerging artists: Wendy Cao, Igor Huszag, Andrew Cole, Wu Tingting and Wu Lifan.


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(Photo taken on the Opening, 2019.5.28)


From my perspective, they either adapted a new technique or explored a new idea. Their works were displayed on the wall, with no descriptions or names. Just a solid painting to feed your imagination. This sparked a fascinating sensation in me. It allowed me to open my eyes and my heart more freely – a fulfilling moment. The general atmosphere gave me the feeling that this was a show for the young and the aspiring.


WeChat Image_20190529162634

(Photo taken on the Opening, 2019.5.28)


In a red mood, I was attracted to the dense colors of black, white, scarlet and grey. But of all the artworks, I was most drawn by Andrew Cole’s abstracts. He divided the canvas (world) into a delicate framed space and an enormous open field. It made me feel like a crouched nude body lying on a big frozen lake – the surface so smooth and so clean that the texture is almost transparent. This creates a rare tension, which made me want to spread some sand on the nude. Because it just felt too cold.


WeChat Image_20190529162638

(Photo taken by Wu Tingting on the Opening, 2019.5.28)


And the coldness was tempting and innermost, like one hugging oneself or one hand cuddling the other, especially on a late night.


WeChat Image_20190529162545

(Photo taken on the Opening, 2019.5.28)


The strange thing was that, I could stare at such beauty for a long time. But why couldn’t I even look at Wu Lifan’s, like this one? At first glance, I was hooked by the massive grayness painted in a unique style, which combined the modern abstract brushstrokes and the old Chinese inkiness. But soon I had to turn away, because it was too heavy for me to carry.


WeChat Image_20190529185740
(Wu Lifan. Courtesy of Elevate)


The heaviness lasted until later when I interviewed Wu Lifan, who revealed his personal background as an artist. He told me his stories and paints his paintings in an utterly philosophical way. My ears were burning when I left.


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