Hong Kong Book Fair 2016

Unexpectedly, things were greatly different from your imagination. The oceans of people stormed like a gray mountain weighing upon me, like the red traffic light blowing up my eyeballs. When entering into the “outer space” of books, when seeing everything was on sale, the green zone of my heart shattered like a priceless antique, suddenly breaking into pieces. It hurt, really hurt.

Then, “What should a Book Fair be like?”

I just wished it to be a little more “humanized” rather than “commercialized”.

But it seems, the way of this world, this society, that group of successful people, that particular life, goes very well along with piles of money, the thick perfume, the duplicate fashion, the dummy faces and the smell of temptation, rather than the depth of a heartful thought or just being crazily mindful.

This so-called International Publishing Forum is actually based on China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Online Publishing, nothing to do with what I needed to hear about – the traditional publishing. However, it was rather refreshing and interesting. Especially about “Fragmentation”, about now a robot even can read your book for once, edit it by itself, copy your style, write a similar book and publish it. How astonishingly amazing!

This Open Public Forum with three special guests (The Hon Hannah Rothschild, Simon Winchester and Wilbur Smith) and the host, Sir David Tang, for me, was the most inspiring part of the Book Fair. Meeting renowned English authors means a great deal to me, as if bowing to the queen on the street, absolutely honorable with full respect. The rare moment when my heart was racing, my hand sweating, holding the microphone, my words came out of my mouth like fireflies burning, and my brain was  sucked like the water flushed into the unknown darkness of mystery. I was asked about my name, and Sir David Tang joked, “Heather Cai. Write it down and tell people you’ve met her before she is famous.”


A photo of me with my new,self-designed, slightly shaved hairstyle, Kevin M Maher and his signature.


At the Weekend Author’s Corner, I met this interesting American author, Kevin M Maher. He is positively self-published and confidently selling his books in the Book Fair. I bought one for eighty HK dollars. His attitude is, “I may lose some money, but it is totally worth everything. Who knows?”


At last, in a word, possibility. This image may describe that word. And also some prospect of something happening or is going to happen.

I don’t know.

Hence, below image is the real prospect of mine. –


Thank you for being my loyal friends, readers and followers!


Life Itself Is Philosophy

In my life, food is food. When speaking of philosophy, food indeed is a luxury. No matter how luxurious it is, it will turn into shit and be forgotten. Yet, the looks, the tastes, the ones who you were enjoying together and the feelings of the moments will last as long as my color purple…

Right tastes

My Color Purple

Oh, I miss the free salmon in Cambodia!

feeling wonderful.

Yesterday Was A Drama

Strangely yesterday I asked myself, how many Yesterdays have I had so far and how many do I remember? Thus, it seems too many to count and too few to remember. Then I tracked it down to my personal diary. There was one day written in 2013. And the mood of that day was as complicated as yesterday.

It says: Oct.25, 2013

Yesterday, a dramatic woman made an odd day. All the way to the market, all the way home and all day long, she covered her mouth with a hand, laughing and crying with smiles yet without tears, feeling like going to marry tomorrow, acting like the secret of American Dream.

Reading through each word, it seemed as if what happened on that day just happened now. The noises from the market, the faces in the crowds, the aimless footsteps on the way home, the broken laughter and the crying smiles, the hungry eyes and the wandering mind, the complex power of the deep inside waves – all these images were still vivid as a dear heart. And yesterday, there was no fewer dear moments than that day. In the morning, I posted a moment of my mind:

After all these days of building a blog and creating some material for the site, I feel my mind floating high and feverishly, my feet walking on the water, my heart rumbling violently, my passion lying restlessly to the mess, the anger, the pain, and even now my period bleeding abnormally.

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