There are times I want to invent a Time machine to read each other’s mind and to experience each other’s experience. And to say, this is not just science fiction, this is real.

Let’s build a special worldwide web via:

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Twitter @HeatherCai69

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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. coteminotaure says:

    You should have battled #wondering-american instead of teasing him with your words. This guy needs no courage on every nasty thoughts of his. Every individual should be respected with fairness regardless of cultural differential and skin colour, instead we are getting “americanized” and accepting their “stupidness”. You should have seen my comment on his fan-mail (1) indicates what a arrogant piece of trash he is.

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    • Heather Cai says:

      Sorry, I don’t remember if I have seen any comments there when I dropped mine. I don’t think it necessary that I should have battled because I am only a girl who likes “playing with words”. I have no idea about being “Americanized” and no reason or interest to “tease” him either. I am a nature lover, I respect everything that does no harm to people and people’s thoughts. Personally, when I read it, I only enjoyed the words. What serious behind the words, please excuse me. And please don’t take that comment of mine that seriously! Thank you for your kind words ! Surely I’ll remember your kindness and think of your words next time if I meet similar things. Really appreciate it ! You have a good buddhist heart!


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