Make “Chinglish” a Poem


Discovered this cute little ladyboy from one of the laundries I have done in my life. I reckon she has the same cuteness as my “Chinglish”.

Chinglish, Chinglish…

Rock, Rock, Rock  …

My writing style…

You are so “Cute”, aren’t you?

Each language got beautiful side.

And I love to make  you Biutiful…

You may get Public Enemies… 

But nothing can stop being yourself.

You are not formal language.

But  U  are the best way to express yourself.

You are your own language, I love you.

I believe You Are Not Alone.

British English could be your GrandPa;

American & Canadian English could be your parents;

Australian English could be your old bro or sis.

See?  You are Little Princess.

Trust me. I will make you Queen when you meet the right Prince.

And build up your own family & have children’s children

to carry on your family name–Chin (ese). 

As long as Chinese & English survive, you will survive.

God bless you, A’men.

PS: Originally –

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